suology omo delta ft mc d synaguoge

by suology
(Nigeria delta)

(Intro:suology)ye ye ye yeeeeeeeeeh
N suology ooh
Mc dee

(verse 1:Suology)
Have you ever seen a farmer wishing that the manuplant
Making these wrappers them wanna misturbath
So fly like qutar airways
Triping round the sun no mercury and venus
Too bad too bad you can't catch me
Like Delta state bus wel you nor fit catch me
Course the boy you see is next to blow
Take a few steps back time bomb ye time to blow
Now see girls wanno be triping them say i'm the boy them too scared to be missing
And she say she wanno follow like yung 6ix well she wanno follow me go
So blessed by God you can't be coursing
From warri down sapele you could be wondering
I'm proud of my state and i'm proud of my hood
When you see me just alert your boy
I go by the name N'suology
Any thing me i do see girls follow me
Taking you down town with my brown escalade
If you're here baby girl don't be late

(chorse:suology mc dee back up)
Wheather you be sapele boy oh oh
Or you be warri boy ooh eh eh oh oh
Abraka boy ooh oh ohh
Or you be koko boy ooh eh eh ahh
You be OMO DELTA*6

(verse 2:suology)
Like you know i'm bad oh
I nor be olamide but im badoo
King of south here i'm bad oh
I'm on my plane mood me i nor dey paddle ae eh
Raps what i chew and rappers went to school for
Two words for imitators back off
Ain't Phenom but i'll break your back off
Turned to the star see i'll make them back off
She said she won see the star but it's noon here wel you can't see the star
Them say how far can i go with this and i tell them say wel see my engine never knock here
Last name man frist name super
Down the street them call me roufe rider
I'm the best in this game that's rap sheet
Rap is what i chew so why should the star treck
Ye see i'm going away any thing me i do see the chicks feeling
From here down to ......................
Down to over seas dawn over seas ooh

(verse 3:mc dee synagogue)
Them say i too like gbagbu
Them see me form party from party to party
Me i don come to flow
Mc d synagogue is my name
Naija delta nah me dey
A'si ko ti to ooh
A'si ko ti to

Oh no
(studio voice)
It's tgees da tega production

(chorse:last choirs)

You be OMO DELTA*6

Fading omo delta


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