Sunshine In My Memory

Is it true my life is over?
But I am only halfway through.
Everywhere I turn to stands a stone wall.
Haven't I tried hard enough?
Shall I blame myself?
Life starts to fall apart.
God knows I tried.

In this material world, glory comes and goes.
Life still goes on where the Sun doesn't shine.
Is it true my heart is the root of my trouble?
How do I ignore my heart?
Can I?

Does every question have an answer?
I want to know before I die.
Every river goes to the sea.
No straight path to follow.
Every turn along its way.
Trouble and joy.

Childhood dream still is a dream.
Only lost the fantasy.
It is being replaced by reality.
In a blink of an eye, now becomes past.
What's the purpose of life?
Is there?

I am crossing the Great Desert.
Hope is all I have.
The oasis must be on the horizon.

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