Strange Songs for Strange People

by Ryan Blenner-Hassett
(Maple Creek Saskatchewan, Canada)

I am a 38 year old music lover from the prairies of Saskacthewan. Love all styles of music and mostly just write about the experience I've had in life. Some are parts to songs, which can be added to. I usually have a few guitar chords to go along with them, and a definite vision of the beat, tempo and the overall emotion seriousness that should go along with the song. I realize songs, or lyrics of a song can be interpreted in many ways, and can be something to one person and something totally different to another person, and I have total respect for that.

I like everything from Motown, older country, punk rock, heavy metal. Topics I am currently working on is finding that elusive love, disenfranchisement with the state of thing among many other things.

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