still shut inside in my own world

by RED

i have never loved something so dear
i thought these feelings would disappear
and kept on immersing myself in random things....
but thats when i realised i was just going around in circles

i lost something that was wayy important to me
something that kept my world sparkling
those were the moments i felt excited
there wasnt a minute where i felt bored
everything was alright as long as i spent inside my own world
where my love kept me warm and comfortable

but now its scary that i cant be with what i love
its scary how things change so fast
no matter how i look forward to live that old place
where i used to spent my time doing something i love
so pleasing and so much comforting.....
i am longing to go back there once again....
trying my best to be control these feelings..
i keep on holding these emotions deep with in...

but i finally realise....
i am still inside my won world right there
even though i live in the present ..
my soul my mind my whole being..
its still there
still enjoying the pleasing feeling
still inside wn world

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