Still Miss You

by Yasmine Shafik
(New York)

I Still Miss You.

it's been a long
while since we last talked
and my head's always
overflowing with thoughts of you,
it's true
maybe i went went just a bit too far
accusing you
of hiding the truth
sometimes i wonder if you think of me
like i think about you
just maybe, oh baby

you told me love
you promised forever
but when she told me
you & her were together
that tore me apart n
it broke my heart

how could you have been so untrue
after everything that we been through
but through your pile of lies
i really don't know why
i still love & think of you
it's true, i really, really
miss you ooo, ooo yeah.

verse 2

when you first told me you
loved me
i felt like i been blessed with
so much glory
until she told me one day
that you told her the same thing
why did you fill me with cliche
when you stood by my side
when i cried
you looked into my eyes and told
it was all a lie
how could you have even tried!


verse three

through all the pain you sent me
i don't know why i still love so much baby
you played with my heart
even though i always loved you from the start
now i regret everything i said that day
cuz i never wanted us to end this way
and now that your away
my world has gone black and grey
i still hope i get to see you again someday
you got me goin crazy!
baby, oh baby

i still love, miss & think of you (baby)
it's true, if only you knew. <3

-yasmine shafik <3

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