Stephen Monroe

by Stephen Monroe
(Omaha, NE)

Driving the Sky Highway cover art by my daughter Lindsy Brown

Driving the Sky Highway cover art by my daughter Lindsy Brown

Driving the Sky Highway cover art by my daughter Lindsy Brown
Benson Community Garden
How it goes down

I'm Stephen Monroe from Omaha Nebraska. I've been writing songs since high school, which was '71. I'm a guitar player and a singer too. Playing solo brings me great joy and allows me to meet some amazing people.

I just turned 60, my birthday is October 9th, just like John Lennon, Jackson Browne and John Entwistle. I played in my first band in '71 and played bass in bands for the next 27 years. I was writing some through that time and teaching myself 6 string guitar.

My real seeds are my 2 older brothers that were in The Shades and allowed a stick of a kid go to all thier pracrices and help them set up at gigs. My first stage performance was drums on "Satisfaction" when their drummer jumper out front. I got hooked.

After the band stage of my life where I played to large crowds, was a lead singer and the only writer in the bands, I quit. I had lost my way and a great friend and guitar player. The bottom is a lousy place to be but I wrote a song about it. I tried married life and school and work and forgetting. It wouldn't go away. I started writing for church after meeting a great man and friend from San Antonio. So I kept writing and playing at church and at my buddy's house. We started playing out a a few bars and coffee houses. I was playing electric lead and slide and harmonizing. My buddy had enough.

Next step was co-writing with a woman I worked with. That last a few years until she disappeared and I was alone and heartbroken. I wrote about all that too.

So I got to NOT wanting to quit or carry other people along on my journey. Since then I have been Stephen Monroe, solo performer and song writer.

I've been invited to one festival, was runner up on song writer of the year for one publisher, put out 2 CDs completely written by me. The latest "Driving the Sky Highway" is all me. Writing, singing, playing, recording, mixing and financing. I've been played on internet and FM radio around the country and across the ocean. Made great friends that love my stuff. I keep going and I'm never going to quit.

I live in Omaha, NE. People love me here and there. No one really has me on their..CALL STEPHEN list...a few do.

Its like all everyone is doing. We create. We spread the word. We decide this is what we want to do and we do it and it hurts sometimes and we wonder why they we get up go for it again and again.

I'm a cancer survivor. Colon cancer 5 years ago. The same year I gave my car and house back to the bank, my marriage finally failed completely, went bankrupt and lost my job.

Out of it all I have 3 beautiful children and 4 beautiful grand children. For the last also 3 years, I've been in the company of an amazing lady who is an amazing musician in her own right. I've learned to laugh again. I've become myself again and if I can figure out this making a living at what you love...I'll be complete.

Music and love mean everything to me. I love to write. I love to perform. I love being alive and here,ready for whatever comes up next.

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