Stefani Scovolo's Bio

by Stefani Scovolo
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I Remember album release show

I Remember album release show

Stefani Scovolo is a Texas-born, Singer-Songwriter, who has lived in Nashville, New York, Europe and now resides Los Angeles. Her experience in all these places has enabled her to experience all kinds of great music. Stefani studied at Belmont University in Nashville, TN where she received a BBA degree in Music Business. Her work as an songwriter has included releases on Warner Japan with a number one single on the charts in late 2011 and other songs placed in various TV shows and film which were placements found on her own, as she has not signed with a publisher or record label. Coming this fall of 2013, an artist named Chilla, signed to Universal Asia, will release a few of Stefani's songs. Her Nashville and New York City songwriting trips led to co-writes with several top songwriters and she is very excited about some recent co-writes in LA, her home-base. Her versatility to write in several genres has been an asset in co-writes, but she has a special flair for catchy pop hooks and emotional power ballads.  Stefani has a single coming out this fall one of the biggest dance labels out of Europe, Armada Music, where she is featured as an artist and songwriter. Another release on Ministry of Sound's label Hed Kandi came out this summer on a best of 2013 anthems compilation which featured some of Europe's best pop and dance hits.
Stefani's most exciting project lately is her own debut album. It was released August 6, 2013 during her live show at the popular venue, Witzend Live, in Venice. Since Stefani has a passion to promote a chemical-free and healthy lifestyle, she has partnered with a popular brand called Acure Organics, who sent one of their representatives to the show to promote the product with free giveaways, and in turn promote Stefani with posts online and other cross promotions. She self- funded, self- produced and wrote all the songs on the album. She has co-writers on three of the songs. The album songs are as follows: I Remember, Breakthrough, I Won't Forget About That (co-written with Billy Pace), You Make My Day, Begin Again, What's Left of Me and You, Acceptance, Things Were Simple Then, Little World, Little Bird, Still Hoping (co-written with Peter Fox), Christmas Memories (co-written with Eliot Popkin). When entering the process of making the album, Stefani was interviewing several producers, mastering engineers, recording engineers and felt very strongly that she was ready to produce this album on her own. She then began to find some of her favorite songs not only in song quality but in sound quality. Dan Wilson, who wrote "Someone Like You" for Adele, introduced Stefani to Philip Allen, a recording engineer in West Hollywood at Harmony Studios who received a Grammy award for engineering the song. He agreed to work with Stefani as this was the genesis of the album. Stefani recorded most of the vocals there and did all the editing and mixing together with Philip. Stefani did the album with live instrumentation so she called on the best musicians in Nashville and LA to record, some of them in their own studios and some of them at Record Shop Nashville. The following musicians contributed to the project: Stefani and Jeff Nelson on piano/ keyboards; Stevie Blacke on strings; Max Dyer - cell on Begin Again; Louis Winfield on drums; Sam Hunter on bass; Steve Postell on acoustic guitars;  and additional arrangements by Stephen Petree and Dario Forzato on some songs. Once the mixes were ready, Stefani was able to work with a legendary, award winning , not only mastering engineer, but very experienced recording and mixing engineer, Shelly Yakus. The album is entitled "I Remember," which is in memory of her grandma, Mary Alice. The song titles on the album all tell a story of Stefani's past, present, and future endeavors, experiences, and bring the listener in to a nostalgic, wonderful world where one can feel like a child again and feel the deep emotions that sometimes stay deep inside. There are happy songs on the album which lend themselves to a sing- song quality that is found so catchy in radio pop but leans more to the ears of those who notice songs in television commercials. Stefani was able to express some of her deepest emotions in some of the songs on the album that sound ideal for dramatic films, animated features, and feel- good Christmas movies. These are some of her favorites. She is releasing this so far independently and more about how to purchase the album is on her website at

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