stay strong

by collarbone

the rape the torture
why dont you stop the torture
and go look for better treasure
and make sure
we dont have to live in this place anymore
i dont even know who to trust anymore
i start realizing and stop playing around
this place isnt a place to stick around
infact i rather be a child and go back to the playground
it was just me and noone else
i dont need friends or enemies just my self
now that im older i start to realize
there are so many betrayers and fakes
oh well i guess thats what i takes
to live in this world
so much suffering and trying
just stop the whinning and crying
just gotta hold my head up
and step up
to whats coming next
because whats next might be a surprise
it might be good or it might be bad
so get ready
cuz this shit might get real real heavy
real real fast
and it might really really last

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Nov 30, 2012
sorry to anounce NEW
by: Anonymous

This song is a really emotional song but I sorry to anounce that the name of that song is copy righted
Please can you consider renaming it

Thank you

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