Star Wars

by Dalante Burrell
(Edgewood city, MD)

Doing me, living life, players forever

Doing me, living life, players forever

First thing first I'm the main man coming with clot with the fame man, pipe it up with the crew man, showing off skills with the kills man. Phone in the case, shots in the vase man, people always in the crossfire, firearm, five-o, stand by on the job man. Please pay close attention to the race jam. Kicking it, flicking it with the cup in the hand, people glance at me while I took a stand. Finding out the clas band, I get my shawty's wit a headband, going deeper in the war man. But I do understand so, but she take it as a chance so. The struggle is real, the war is real, the amen is in the words of God man. Uh, war rages on, still aging on, what happened to the war when James Bond come in the sequel man, showing your skills, but get chills fam. No way the war will end, saving the world that I've gotta attend. But the team got your back, Gotchu like that, singing along that were men, man. Put you out in columns, well you seem solemn then.

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