Sound of Inspiration

by Ato Yim
(Dimapur, Nagaland, India)

Ato Yim

Ato Yim

Tümüthsükhi khün atsü müthsücho?
(Why don't you sing a melodious song?)
Nüyushak atsü wüshihpü lah
(There's a message inside of you yet to be heard)
Tümüthsükhi nünü trete lümcho?
(Why do you doubt?)
Mührü nangte nünüshe koklah
(You are equally born to do great like someone else)

Make a sound of inspiration
People are hungry for it
Shout aloud and let the world know
There's a crying for peace on earth
Tüshak thsüang, Oh...tüshak thsüang
(Make a sound- sound of inspiration)

Tümüthsükhi nünü süh müzahcho?
(Why don't you take courage?)
Nü akhuhrü thsüpü thsütaklah
(You need to be a forerunner)
Tümüthsükhi nü thülihte lümcho?
(Why do you take things lightly?)
Nü rhimonü lomi müthribah
(Wave of your little move can change the world)

Amiting arücho
(Darkness has begun its journey)
Tüshak thsüang, O müzhingzide
(Make a sound before the sunset)

Burning down pages of the book you sin
He'll never say no till you believe
You're not just a face in the crowd
You are choosen by God
Precious in His sight

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