Song writer BIO- Michael Crawford

by Michael Crawford
(Arlington, WA USA)

Born in Garden Grove, California, I enjoyed growing up in Southern California until the completion of High school and once after high school, moved to Washington state to go to community college. I was attracted to the Pacific Northwest and pursued an associates degree.I moved on to the Air Force Reserves then the Air Force where I had the opportunity to work in Japan and continue with my college studies. After completing my 6 yrs of the Air Force, I moved back to southern California getting a mechanics position in Long beach at McDonnell Douglas Production Facility. Shortly after I needed to move on due to impending layoffs, I returned to Washington state to work at Boeing Airplane Company where I have worked for 22 years now. I chose my career there completing my Bachelors of Science Degree with the emphasis of Project Management. I have traveled to the Middle East working in Qatar staying with the Quality group and also had opportunity see other gulf states. I traveled to Europe in such places as Hungary, Greece, Austria and Italy. I also had the opportunity to visit Cairo as well and see the wonders of the world. I have 3 children and once married. I am currently living in Arlington Washington where I work in a Boeing Production Facility in Everett, Washington. I enjoy writing and continue to write poetry,music lyrics and working on a novel as well. I always look forward for the opportunity to travel overseas or see new things in our own country. I also enjoy sailing and spending time in the mountains camping with family and friends. I still enjoy returning to Southern California to visit family and friends.

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