Somehow Needing Love

by Travis
(Houston, Texas)

I look far into the night sky

Looking for answers that make me want to cry

Am I the rightful one as everybody wanted me to be?

Will I be the one that gets the fortune and be filled with glee?

Somehow needing love is what I need for my act

My hopes are completely and uncontrollably stacked

Just a little love will give me the power

Where I can be the icing on cake so easy to scour

I need somebody right near me

So I can be problem free

Could there really be a lover so charming and faithful

Should he be my own guardian angel?

Somehow needing love is the true answer

Could there be anything as true for my heart to enhancer?

Sure I will be most likely to succeed

Others may tend to see me to be secede

Where is a single one simple mind when I need it?

Of all the simple love and joy I can get

There’s much more I can get from the feeling of love

Vow to make more promising to my family thereof.

Somehow needing love will be the answer to everything

Should be there more thought to be put in, as of dreaming,

I show how graceful I am for the character that I am

I should show everybody I am glad not to feel so phlegm.

Oh, I am the one who needs love more than work

Who really needs the hands to hold on to this cirque?

There’s a way out of this I know, just how

Could there really be a way out to take one big bow?

Somehow needing love is just the very thing

It’s the only thing that all trust can bring

Friendship is not enough

Love is the one obstacle that is so tough.

How much love one should take?

I need some love for heaven’s sake

Somehow there will be a time where I will take advantage

Of my actions, the ones that do no harm or damage.

Somehow needing love is what I desperately need

Love is the most powerful thing indeed

Often the voice inside me will take me to the wrong direction

Getting to the right direction will be the precise way to lead my love to true affection.

There’s only one problem that I have in dealing with another soul

It can only be solved by the other’s feelings toward me, as of a whole.

No one is more in need for love than me

Reaching the tallest heights will be the one where everybody will see.

Somehow I need love more than ever

For me and my dear lover to never say never

We’ll go places greater than everyone else you’ll see

Together that will be the one great thing I wish before I can foresee.

Will that ever come true?

Somehow I need love that’s what’s sky blue

I love you

My true love so sincere to woo

I somehow really need some love.

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