"Some Day"

by Joshua Stoecklein
(Herculaneum, MO, Jefferson)

Some Day x4/

You will lose me
in a fight
that we NEVER started--------______

I-Hate everything about you
for-what you did to Me----______

But I will
You 3x

Some Day I will die
and you won't even know
or Care
so I'll pack up my things
and leave you here to Die
Leave you here to the Coldest Death

Some Day x4/

Some Day I may have Died
but i was dead when you YANKED
My Heart Out-----_____ (5 Second Pause)

x3 I can't believe
I fell in love with you
you have torn me apartx2

Now I have no one to
I have no one to

I believed in yo----------u
now I can't trust
who I a----------m

DOES ANYONE CARE AT A----------LL (3 Second Pause)

I'm not the one
who can save you
You Pulled me under
I helped you over_____-----^^^^^ (FAST PAUSE IN
x4 Some Day, Another Day, Any Day
At Any TIME_____-----x5

I will be gone----------
I thought you were the one-----_____

Some Day I will Die
Without my World

GODS OF THE HORIZON----------__________
Some Day I will be torn apart and gone---------------_______________

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