Snooplee KB Ft Fabasa#9- Power

by Aloyslee Mutuma

(intro by Fabasa#9) yeah... Turkland heavy hiphop mastiffers.. Its fabasa#9 featuring Snooplee in the game of power. Yeah... Snooplee-show them how we do it... Hiphop.. Nigga.....
(Rap 1) (Snooplee K.B)
Try your luck by rap i say am gonna get to power,,
Cash i have i don rap for cash i rap for power.
Other gangsters on the beat cease fuckin up with me.
All i have to say I was born to rap..
You see, my Momma, in power i must have a coin in my purse,
Nevertheless i gonna achieve what i aim,,
Suspended from school, no game for a brighter day.
The day i got a suspension daddy held me a cane- sweet momma held my hand-but i held the mic- all in search for power- King Assassin planning to rap- to see our dreams come true-he said "let hiphop flow into your veins"-the reason to rap is to get to the power i decided to do so- to burn like a flame..
Gangster i was -deep in the game searching for fame but i almost met death-look for wealth and avoid death-don't believe in haters that weed gonna take off stress- i gonna never come back to gangster life-new day new hope-cork and place down the gun-hold a mic and you gonna get to power..(you gonna get to power)

(Chorus by Fabasa#9)
We burn like a flame............flaame
Rest of our
Hard survival the nature.....nature
We won't forget
We gonna rise from power
If you feel us
Hands up
Hands up
Hands up
If u feel us
Hands up
Hands up
Hands uuuppp

(Rap 2 by Fabasa#9)

We live life like a lambo
Brought up to be humble
Lagos niggas a go home
My niggas are watching
We live hard to play hard
Out of the music we gonna be rich
Turkland nigga we up
Started from the bottom
We know where we are
Coming so strong-am in the game-living my life-i got no one to trust-Assassin the title-am hotter than mantle-when nigga they see me they feel me that am humble.
We dansi
We rolling
We party
We borrow
Remember my daddy
My mummy
My crew (amani with the best)
I love my baby she gonna gimme a kiss
I got money in my safe nigga
My name printed on the stars
Love me forever i make you rich..
Jeah.......hoping one day i gonna run this city afer my name Fabasa#9


(Rap 3 by Snooplee)
The real niggah, i put God first
Unmullable my momma,
denial of luxury
I caught up in the game
At an age of 12
On the beat persifilage
Negativity all over
Am the Real S-N-double "O"-P Lee
Who gonna never be a house boy
I gonna be a rapper of hiphop sir
(Rap 4 by Fabasa#9)
Known for a single track
Heart being the only broken instrument that works
I love her with my bitter causen
Represented to her lollipop lips
She takes wine Lil wayne
Behind the song every moment
I have to sing it when she is around
This race will never end
Until the season i will invest alot in the web
Get this, am in a brownpool
Activating my melanin
I dream to walk in a hammer
Battless ready to blow like Obama-- Nigga


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