sirfolsom. Im here to wake up the unawaken to SO many truths

by Rion Gilliam aka sirfolsom
(Kingsport TN USA)

Im born 11-18-1985. I'm from the beautiful state of Tennessee and far from redneck. My whole life though I can say loved all kinds of music,have learned based on responses, that you cant reach my age group unless you speak through hip hop,"pop" and few of metal and country.I want to burn through all the BS thats in songs today that deliver such shit messages to people. Trying to let people realize that we are so blinded by false events and lies that we presume everything just on the fabrication of "TRUTH". Im here to wake up and challenge any that oppose people trying to send false claims.I dont care about any material items at all, its part of our "blinding" even though its only a small part. WE are strong people who can make a difference regardless of what you think, WE are not helpless unless youve already gave up and just let things happen.Too many songs out there now especially of the past speak the truth let alone VERY slim of the new. Great example of "waking" up is Eminem if you get his lyrics and realize his Recovery album is trying to speak to you on so many platforms. I believe I can deliver just as call and powerful as him or any other, and expose the damage done to us and how we can re-create our habits and habitual ways of thinking. Im no conspiracy nut or trying to make things happen just so I can make easy money, it literally means nothing to me. I want to help as many as I can and feel music is a VERY powerful method of getting points across. Im not afraid of any backlash,criticism,government,or any PERSON. IF you dont like what my subjects are PROVE why you think they are lies, dont just smash or title someone cause you do not understand or think they are lying. PROVE it which so many people seems to lose their justification skills when it concerns politics,personal issues,religion, and many other topics. If you want to know my life story just ask, Im here to only speak truth. My name is Rion Gilliam I prefer sirfolsom though but say what you will.Ill never bring anyone down nor make them feel bad for feeling a certain way about things. But many will disagree with my viewpoints and thats fine, please work against my "ideas and lyrics" and figure out for yourself thats what I want. I want to wake people up thats it and find music as the MOST powerful methods.

My lyrics are very powerful I feel and personally think not many on earth can do it better. Im a HORRIBLE singer and have strong southern accent but by ALL means not a redneck or any other title, IM JUST ME all day long, nothing will EVER change that. FAME can lead to distortion, my only reason of ever even considering fame is too deliver messages and clear as many minds as possible before leaving this earth. Im not a white rapper or wannabe im a truth giver in the form of hip hop cause it seems its truly the best way deliver messages to my "selected" audience. You cant help those who refuse it but those with just a HINT of hesitation about world conditions then by ALL means hopefully I can make an impact.

Take care and much love to EVERYONE. If any questions just ask im here for YOU!

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