by Victor M Torres
(San Benito Tx)

one of the filthy rabbits

one of the filthy rabbits

Hello fellow song writers. My name is Victor a.k.a. Sik Vik. I have been a performing musician since i was 14 (am now 40) rock star status some how eluded me, as it did for most of us. I write everything from "radio friendly" rock/pop to rap beats,country and have an ability to take the simplest of anyone's melodies and turn them into a well arranged song. Please I would appreciate anyone input on how and where to go make my dream of being a professional songwriter a reality. I have some of my original music posted on my space under the heading "filthy rabbits" in Harlingen,TX (plural there is a filthyrabbit website from San Benito,TX THEY STOLE MY NAME AND DROPPED THE S!!! but that is another story) and also under the heading "Sereen" in Harlingen,TX as well. My email is

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