by Lara Trenchev

She laughs,
But there are tears in her eyes,
Her heart is beating faster tonight.
Humour is a good way to hide the pain,
She reads lots of books,
Cause they help her escape.
She wants to get away,
But hasn't come of age.
The woods are so inviting,
She wants to go and play.
She dreams of a prince,
But doesn't believe in love,
She knows he won't come,
But she doesn't lose hope.
She sleeps alone at night,
Staring out the window,
Begging the stars to take her soul back home.

She's the girl,
The isolated one,
No-one understands what could be done,
To help her out of this mind state,
To help her run away and escape,
She's the girl,
The one in search of a lover.

She's got daddy issues,
He doesn't care about her,
Always threatening,
To send her to her mother.
She likes rainy days,
The rain couldn't pour harder,
She is tucked away,
With a book and a bed cover.
She hates school,
It couldn't end fast enough,
Don't like rules,
The work was already rough.
She doesn't work out,
But she's really skinny,
She's got nice eyes,
But doesn't think she's pretty.
She likes to be alone,
But never be lonely,
She's gonna move out,
When she gets enough money.


But what she doesn't know,
Is one day she will grow,
And all these problems will be gone.
Prince charming next to her,
She's escaped the world,
Laying in the darkness of her own apartment.


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