she don't know

by Prashant Adhikari

I don't know who we are
I don't know what I am to you
Oh I don't know
You know, what you are to me
You do
But you never say or show

I am wandering and I am lost
Lead me on , but Ben you are lost
(Looking for the place to belong
Home, it been so long!

Hey why are you scared?
Break down the wall
I am tired.. It's too strong an tall
Your wall.. (Brig it down)3
What is it that you feared?

So tell me what you want, what you desire
You and I can have it all
You just dream, I will do it all
Tell your past and your pain, I kiss it away
Just open up and I will find the way
You are beautiful, try to own it. Don't you shy away as I start to admire
........ You are beautiful!

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