Shaquan J & Bottle 8 - New Dreams

by Shaquan J
(Seoul, South Korea)

Shaquan J 샤콴 & Bottle 8
"New Dreams"
Written & Performed By Shaquan J 샤콴 & Bottle 8 안병익

(Shaquan J 샤콴 Hook)
New Money, New Mind
New Weed, New Dreams (2x)

You A fake nigga,
I don't fuck with fake niggas,
you a thotting ho,
don't come round me

(Shaquan J 샤콴 Verse )
Money over everything,
man that shit ain't never changed,
All they want is diamond rings,
they just want to fuck something,
so you can buy them things,
which makes a nigga think,
like this bitch ain't got a brain,
I mean this bitch is insane,
why you fucking niggas after niggas like,
bitch you crazy, why you waiting on them bitch niggas like, bitch keep waiting, you don't fuck with real niggas,
and I don't know why, they just want a cheater, beat her, leave her nigga,
that's why, nigga straight pussy,
why the fuck are looking, at me like they gonna do something,
they they they, stuck in a way, they just playing a play, tryna be something, that they not,
your not a blood or a crip nigga, you a bitch nigga,
metaphorical fatality, that's the way it has to be nigga

(Bottle 8 Hook)
New Money, New Rhymes,
New Flow, New Dreams (2x)

motherfuckers I gotta go,
bitches ain't shit
난 아직도 배가 고파서 니들이 차린 밥상을 엎어

(Bottle 8 Verse)
so I kill it, 신선하다는 니들이 빨아주는 목
전에도 얘기했지 다양성을 묻고 Rest in Peace
신념은 그대로 내 실력은 바뀌고 너흰 그대로 motherfuckin' 좆같은 swaggin'
머물지 않아 한반도 꺾은적 없지 꽃 한번도
터뜨려 champagne 마음대로 사는건 Bad Life 기성세대 don't like it
so I'm still goin' hard 다시 작업중
97년생은 다 뒤졌냐 #punchnello 빼고
그럼에도 공백은 없지 단어들이 빼곡히
쌓여가는중이지 for my mu'fuckin' dreams
너희들은 몰라 이런느낌 I ain't got a lot a motherfuckin' rap money
내 음악은 떠야할때 for real
032는 내 출신 follow the "New Dreams" bitch

(F.M Crew/Shaquan J Music)

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