Shannon Johnson Music Career Bio

by Shannon Johnson
(Lexington, Alabama USA)

Growing up in a small town near Muscle Shoals, Alabama, which is rich with songwriters and music business professionals, Alan Hill and me (Shannon Johnson) were exposed to their many talents and writing styles. Also, we especially were influenced by the writing styles of Don Henley and Glenn Frey of the Eagles. We began getting together in high school and writing songs and jotting down ideas. We continued after high school and met regularly at a local restaurant after hours to write and listen to other buddies sing and play and toss around ideas. We also became friends with some of the professional songwriters in the area. By hanging around these guys, we learned more about the music business than you could ever read in a book. Their advice was invaluable, and we are very appreciative for all their help. It brought to reality how great it would be to write a hit song. We were about 17 years old then and now we’re in our early 40’s. That gives you an idea of how long we have been at this. They say that time heals all wounds, but they never said that time could be a wound in itself. We look forward to the future and hope that all this hard work will pay off. Shannon Johnson

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Aug 25, 2015
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Feb 14, 2013
Durango*an endless series of movement in song NEW
by: Vince West

There's wisdom in such words Mr. Johnson... All writer/creator collaborations, be they with man, beast or nature, benefit from these insights... should they so choose. Today I choose to benefit, having heard your words & I'm grateful for your input! Durango Songwriters are a "keen on commitment to the song", bunch of folks, ever intent on turning that grinding wheel's honing stone toward shaping the most precice edges in song... Those who don't possess the skills or who'd never feel safe enough perform publically, they are our primary beneficiaries... They'll have for themselves, if we do well what we intend with a message, an invountary igniting of the senses through the soul... they'll have in that instance, & for-ever-more, what Shannon Johnson & his good friend & writing companion from high school have humbly & purposely pursued... & every other individual who's ever been in ear shot will have had the same... They'll have shared in a seemless significance of melody in history having unique opportunity to lightly or loudly step out of themselves &/or even delve much much deeper toward understanding why it's so... that life is an endless series of movements in song... It's a privilege to have you with us @ Durango... Hope to see yo fellas' in Santa Barbara! "Thank you for all you do for MUSIC" P.S. Don't miss the meet n' greet! VWM, staff assistant

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