by Kevin Beckett
(Hammond Indiana America)

Slim shady you ain't got nothing on me And my faith and my god and my peeps
My rhymes so beast they live for eternity Imma tell y'all bout how my god turn me
Learning it ain't bout me or who doubts me Or who's shouting my name
I don't rap for the fame cause I know it ain't a game but I take the blame for every single mistake I make
Haters Gon hate and haters Gon blame us there's a gas leak the world it drains us
God he trains us to be just like him that don't mean we gotta say we are him
Look at what you started heathens barging down your door asking if you're a god
No round of applause but a set of claws as a gift merry Christmas straight from Santa clause
Metaphase put you down to your paws and you think you're so raw why'd you stand in awe
Of the father he the author of the word ain't no other just a brother gotta learn
You're a prince by the grace of him you ain't bigger than dad if you say you are you're grounded
stop rebelling just try to respect him just try to be kind give me five man pound it
Betcha love the way that you're sounding but I gotta say you ain't that well rounded
Truth I found it you're still looking at yourself in the mirror think your so good looking
Think you're a god but man you're the opposite ask me if I'm sure I'll say positive
God is the only supernatural being and eternal living he's got it

Shot sin down low to the grave and ain't nobody left that gotta be a slave
Just gotta behave just gotta be brave just gotta get saved and live for the maker
Nah he ain't a faker but ain't nobody faker than the law breaker surrounded by haters
Elevators going up going down all the way to south town Gon' cross the state
Can you relate to everything that I been through talking to you slim yeah that's right you
Been through a lot no parking lot to stop your car no worries thought you were a rap god
But that's not true and you know it we all know the real you fast stop
Heart drops we figured you out run out and shout oh heaven almighty
Guide me to eternal living gotta get away from my sin wanna go to heaven can't be stressing that
Can't be pressing that's too deep that's too cheap got my ten dollars man I wanna spend that
Can't pretend that no I can't extend that nah I ain't superman no I can't bend that
Metal rob but my god sure can he my main man he's the great I am
And William and every other little pop star every other rapper and every other rock star
Don't know a thing if they don't know Christ but I'm telling you homie he'll fix your life
And your life Times slim cause you ain't got him too deep in your sin to even think about heaven
No we all got a chance to have a dance with eternity and in turn we bow down

To the king of kings through the songs I sing no it ain't a big thing just let me do my thing
The best way I know how in the here and the now no snow plow ain't no way to get rid of us now
No bus now so don't fuss now there are things that we gotta discuss now
Gotta cut ow gotta cut down gotta cut it out gotta knock you out
Throw my imperfection down gotta stop cause I'm living holy now
This be the story of how my whole world fell and became new and it's all cause of you
And your great forgiveness and mercy it alerts me and that's how you turned me
Now you're working in ways I can't imagine wanna dream big so you can grant it
I don't take my life for granted might be a thief and a cheater and a bandit
But you ain't abandoned me nah you saw the sad in me but you took me under your wing that's how it happened
Now I got everybody in the room clapping that's a big change they used to slap me
Adapting is tough when I ain't grabbing my stuff I ain't got a pillow fluffed no animal stuffed
Hold a grudge but my faith won't budge no reason to judge for the stupid stuff
And I've heard enough of this mainstream trash all about the cash but that's not enough
If your life seems rough just look to above and you'll fly like a dove and you'll please him and then some
And I could go on with this prayer song but slim I just pray that you'll find his love

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