Shadows Gunned Down- Light Years

by Bipin Hojai_ Kuntal Dutta
(Guwahati, India)

Woke up!
And walked away into the space
Memories, the visions that washes dream.
The spark that turns the pages back
Mysteries, the pictures that creates me.

Enlighten my world that has come and gone.
Beyond the circles, those stagnant vector space.
Expand my thirst until day turns to dusk.
Amaze the shadows, light years pierce the crevice.

The thousand light years have passed
The guilt stays within me.
All those promises I had to keep.
I can't afford to lose another million century
Before the blind darkness engulfs it.

They take me back to the gallows
Frozen guns don't shoot at once
Drive my way back to the heaven
Save yourself, don't shut your gears-x2

Time never stops for me.
I took a breath and it went away.
I can't afford to lose
Time never stops for me.
I took a breath and it went away.
I was scared and I gave up.

This journey will take us to the other side.
Dark Angel wrap me in your wings.
This ain't the Confession.
Remote - Confusion.
But not you my sweet Angel.
Your lust for heaven is fragile.
Pain is beyond grip.
Peace is beyond my reach.

Slather, the pulchritude.
Slaughter, the termagant.

No use to bother my life now.
Got it? Stroke my heart!
Reincarnate from darkness, an element of happiness.
When you took me endless.
The breath I choked-so powerless.
Can you pour glitters upon the sky?
Thy shall bewilder- x2
Light years.

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