Shackym_Printed .....

by streetsan

Printed to di east N to di west,
Am di bad there is. Giving di best
Printed to di south N to di north ...
am di bad there is giving di best

Verse 1:

Hideous identity,
gal dem waan gangster man
I rock di majority.
Youre gonna tell me nothing.
What a prosperity inna dem like a jigger
Gimme di light, i marsh this chain of smokerz
NAROK,JAMAICA & D entire world am:
Dope pon di Sheng slang/Patwah- a real cure addi
Friendz hu dem ask "must San do di DEM DEM?"
gwaan ketch e Dance. A Siyami sa di yardie dem....
Am atractive than a Rose flower
I spit that you get power
I understand you're trynna roar
Instead yuh a drawn lower
Am di killer N di life saver-
make sure yuh play it safer
I'll stick in your mind ever
Till you're no longer

Am (chorus)

Yeah.... who your stinky mouth's loose you better knit it
Watch my back N judge dont you know you're pity
Rulling di game yuh have to know this is a gift
And if you dare fuck with me PRAY FOR YOUR FORE STEPPING
Lean back N pray coz pon your knees God can't deliver
You dig me graves dem turn my foreway climbing larder
If your prayer nuh reach di father consult your F**kin mother
Adjust di tune dj pump it loud dem shake harder


Bump up all di road, shoot N stop me inna di race
Bad... di road de turn di slope
Never mi ah nuh beated most
Before you stand up curse di road
Coz it let me penetrate
Pop out look pon every side
Mi printed like already dead


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