Set Free

by Yasmine Shafik
(New York)

Set Free

Verse 1

I'm here, lookin in the mirror
it all makes sense nowt
somehow i realize that
i see past ugly lies
and nothing can make or change me now
nor is it possible for you to take me down (mmm yeahh)

Ima stand up tall and do my thing
show them no fear at all, instead i'll smile & sing
i know it won't be easy
cause i know that life will always somehow tease me
but effectively, you can't break me
since i started believing
they can try to fake me
but I'm strong, hopefully I will acheive it
the hard times wont make me retreat
cause I'll know when i beat it, the world will see
that my spirit has been set free (yeahhh)
i'll live it up consecutively (finally set free)

verse 2

I used to hide behind the tree,
blending with the shadows
i was unable to be
changes had to penatrate so that
my fear of unsuccess would obliterate
I couldn't live my dream
but now I'm set free and supreme
i'm blessed that failure is eliminated
that i can now redeem, redeem myself
giving in my two-cents in changing the world
failure ain't an option cause I'm a set free girl

though I'll be denied cause no one thought it in me
but hopefully ill be something some day, cause i've been set free
so best-believe now, i will become somebody
i no longer worry my future being foggy
hopefully we'll change the world cause
fortunately, i've been set free (free)


I'll stand up tall
be myself
show no fear at all;
i know it wont be easy
cause life will somehow tease me
but it can never undertake me
since i started believing

they can try to deceive and mislead me
but it wont stop my acheiving it
cause i wont retreat from proceding
i know when i completed
cause i believe it & fortunately
i been set freee
(changee the world, set free)

*live up fot the dreams that were seized consecutively
ever since i started believing in acheiving, i been set free*
* set free yeahh*

-Yasmine Shafik *

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