Selva's Dis Track

Nick selva, Your parents about to sell ya
after you catch this L ya
how you gotta big ass head,
and yet somehow your brain is dead,
or maybe your brain just fled,
man I just got outta bed,
shots fired, shots fired,
boy ill popp you full of lead
Why you on my opposition,
you aint no competition,
you cant even do addition,
who you think you is dissin,
you have a bad condition,
now just sit down and listen
---Pause Until: 0:32---
Your a fat monkey,
your short but really chunky,
what did eddie do,
he started drinking gfeul,
then you did it too,
monkey see monkey do,
tryna be more like eddie,
you must of searched how to
boy these roasts are overdue
boutta make some beef stew,
Stop saying nigga,
tryna act black,
but with kacey,
you couldnt even pack,
its knoledge you lack,
when was your last comeback,
you need some cardiac,
before you have this heart attack,
santas elf called,
he said he wants his ears back,
now ill just kick back,
relax and hit the sack.
---Pause Until: 1:04---
Oh, shit,
you thought i was done,
well the truth is,
really, i already won,
boy you aint shit,
you are no one,
your tryna follow everyone,
meanwhile they shun,
when this is all over,
your gonna wish it was undone,
now go eat a cinnabon,
before i pull out my handgun,
boy you just got outdone,
this is the end of your run,
which isnt long,
because your slow as shit,
you dumb hypocrite,
now youll throw a fit,
with your salty ass,
Boy I just put you back in class.

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