Romantic Lyrics, Unvarnished Truth, and a Sharpened Pencil...


Leftwing "L.A." Allison

Leftwing "L.A." Allison is an Angeleno by birth, born in Hawthorne but kidnapped shortly after birth and raised by wolves on Cape Cod. L.A. froze his butt off growing up in New England winters and, when he came of age, couldn’t wait to leave for good and reclaim his native California. For the last decade, L.A. has made his home in Big Sur where he advocates and volunteers for environmental causes and spends most of his working time writing.

L.A. has always been a moving target, with a broad and interesting array of life experiences. He’s been an activist and advocate for farm worker rights, a project engineer at large power plants, a working photographer, and a commercial deep sea diver. For years, he was an electrical engineer on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and off the California coast. L.A. is a longtime member of the Piledrivers Local 34 in northern California and also holds an undergraduate degree in political science from UC Berkeley. Throughout all of it, L.A. has written and played his music, sometimes even on street corners or dusty railroad platforms but more often these days at showcases and club gigs. His influence is definitely heartland, and his favorite writing genre is a relentless three chord rockabilly-meets-rock drive with romantic lyrics that highlight the unvarnished truth about life, love, and feelings.

His unconventional guitar playing earned L.A. the nickname "Leftwing" when he was 12 years old, and has since been abridged to the initials "L.A." as a tribute to the City of Angels and the beautiful insanity of sunny southern California.


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