Return of N Sq (aka)DJ Jon lorig

by JON



• Guess who’s back back again that’s right N sq. is back so listen up, everybody get ready to duck, because by the time I’m done you might be duck out of luck. And with all my fresh new beats imma keep on spillin you’d better hope I don’t catch ya rappin.

• Back in Bama where all my home boys live we used to run that town and all the districts that there is. Back in the day when my motto was yolo everyone knew that they keep low though, some of those people try to mess up my groove me and my goons send em to the moon.

• 2008 I felt like Atlanta adopted us but really they told me don’t get excited they said we a gonna be whipping us, so I tell you gonna be on my album in September just wait o us my name is N sq. for a reason try to remember us, and last but not least I’ve got a speech for ya: remember these words just in case they come back and bite ya, WELL WELL WELL. PS: remember this is your boy N Sq.

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