by Kevin Beckett
(Hammond Indiana America)

Verse 1-
I used to wonder what you expected of me
What you wanted me doin' what it was you wanted from me
I always said I knew ya but never even knew the
Reason why I was lying through my teeth now I see why
You made me go through these trials that our lives bring
Why you gave us our minds and why we try to think
What would be best is it to be the best
Well I confess that I lied my sin wasn't addressed
Can't do that on my own cause man can't be alone
That's why there's so many clones thinking we got it on our own
Growing up you never know why
but we try to idolize all these guys really it never flies
We set our eyes up for the skies
But really it's all a disguise beyond it are just more of lies
But there's a place where the life lyes
Where there's truth and peace no sad excuses like white lies

Verse 2-
So many people out there writing rhymes
You see the confidence in their eyes but is that the real reason why
They touring the world it's cause they live for it
While others ignore it well they try to reach for it
Well Imma read more your word want me to be heard
So they can say that they heard of you and why you were murdered you
Give us clues as to where to go for the answers
And when we fail you give us second chances
so everyday I'll be dancing to glorify
All the teachings so one day they will realize
That there's a real purpose for our lives
Wether we're paralyzed or physically fine we'll praise the great divine
And when we cry out to you send back a small reply
So we can survive and live and thrive And please try
to remind us that we are nothing but dust
but that you are a must beyond the lust and all the distrust

Verse 3-
I want nothing but to chase you
I'll give you all of my time lord I just wanna praise you
Jesus you had the father to raise you
And There wasn't sin in the process of creating you
And nobody can relate to you
But I know I can't wait for you to return and take us with you
But that's the issue who's coming and who ain't
And cause of all the sin in the world I'm so afraid
That I'll have to seperate from the fallen so I fall
To my knees and pray that you'll find in your heart
To give us all a chance even though we on our hundredth
Cause when you go back wouldnt you want us all to be coming
When will we come to our senses
And believe the truth we're hearing and deny the death sentence
That comes along with Armageddon here we go again
They keep telling me thre truth I keep ignoring it
I just store it in the depths of my mind
Like I'm deaf when I hear it a blank state of mind
But that's truly another kind of time
That I passed and cast to hell uh don't remind me

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