i used to feel important
now im just a crazy case
back at my lowest point
worse than i've ever had

i can pull it back
my sanity and lack
of tryin in the past
get what i want - ill get what i want at last

pulling through and getting past
thats my dream i want it back -
what they've taken from me
their abuse took my sanity

they all look but nobody cares
they want me back but then kick me out again
im like a trash bag you fill it up and throw it out
then leave me broken til you find someone less
i just cant take i just wont accept it

i used to feel so sane
i wouldnt cry and cry for days
but that was my childhood
when i had it all before me

i can pull it back
cuz i have before
just cant let my past
ruin my chances

pulling up and getting through
thats my wish and only to
be what i was before
but better, much more

i've been in rehab
yes im bi polar
been suicidal but no more....i've closed that door

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