~~~~Rapper Ray Telecom Life Style Explained~~~~

by Tarun Ray
(Guwahati Assam India)

A lot I learn. A lot I utilized. I worked hard. thesis serious not jocks a part ....

Not Copied. Content may Copyright
My Telecom Carrier “2K14 to 17” - Like Exams
I prepared chapter wise... I also compromise - From Classic regular to gold flake WO BHI medium size> Postpaid to Prepaid, From Beltola to Last gate.
Uber Cab to Buses, missing that AC freshness // I’m walking on street now & feeling the stresses.

something utilized till requirement.... hints
I am like #Betternet My boss like #torrent
I’m Busy But aware of #kickass.cd .... It’s all truth whatever I am dealing ..
so, you are listening to rapper ray on you tube, no need to Purchase any CD…
Kevin MacLeod Soundcloud Free Music … In mY PD...

Bcz they teach me and guide ...thinking Ability wide. But they promoted my news "I don't know Why"......

. Neither Alcohol nor Non-Veg. From 2K17 yeahh
to maintain my speed...they thought I ordered "Ldukki Gold-India’s Best Weed”.
I Know they bless me because they are not fake.

Taking big Decision, with one toss, I am my own boss.
I ball throw, but I run fast. You don’t Know, less possibilities of run out.
My team safe. When I play cricket. so you can call me Mohammad Kaif.

It's Truth with no alternate options
May Human thinking changes but never changing color of Human blood and Boon.
My Fav Supreme leader Kim Jong-un...
Not Copied. //Content may Copyright// ... mostly Listen Bohemia-The Punjabi rapper & I like Snoop Dogg style.

I am telling you, they believe in those who wrongly explaining me.
And one thing more...Please insure
24X7 I am available on +91-XXXXX66444 Double Six triple four, for Those who blaming me … I will be happy & Satisfied if they directly call me.

I am a Bohemian.
I can't hit and run. I never cheat or make another people’s fun...
I am a Blogger....I can write for you...Search about AdSense and then you can also do.

I am a Champion, Thanks to them who believed for a while....
I am costly Like Chandon. They can't afford.
They don't Know....Nothing Changes I am in same flow....

Being Human- People meeting in a row .... They all love me ...
Like Dr. Gulati I am Cracking Jocks...
and people like this. Why So serious --like you are watching dam Serials,
fake tears, by using glycerin drops.... Subscribe my channel for latest classic hip hops....
I go through different languages. and, this time "Khasi-" from Shilong.

Kumno Kumne phi Kong Bah These all are Phrase…..
“kong” = Miss or Mrs,, “Bah” = Mister or Sir
Say "Kumne"(kum~Nay) if anyone telling you Kumno (Kum~No)
"Kong" Calling "bah" with love and says
"Kumno phi~long~bah Ray"
"How are~you~mister Ray. ...
That's all for Today .. @Rapper Ray Subscribe Now …

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