Puzzle Piece

by Rachel Giuliano
(New Castle, PA)

This is mercury; rising in my soul
All our history; conspired to make it true
I am shackled here;forever your shameless fool
You're a mystery; baby let me solve you....
I will bare myself; stripped naked in your eyes
Showing every weakness; I thought I had disguised
You hold me down; and you hold me together
I'll fit into your puzzle every day until forever....
Baby you're a puzzle to me;
Let me be your missing puzzle piece
I have waited an eternity
Obediently here on my knees
Baby let me fit into you
Like two pieces fit together
Be your missing puzzle piece
Make you complete forever
When I see each piece of you; revealed just for me
I cross my heart; then kiss you wordlessly
My one desire; is to see what we create
when all the pieces fit; fall in place in the puzzle of fate
Baby let me fill your emptiness
Let me end your search for happiness
I'll be the cure to all your sickness
I can take away the darkness
Don't you want to feel complete
Fit your body into me
One of these days you will see
Baby I'm your missing piece
(Chorus x2)
I have always been your missing piece.....
Baby, You're a puzzle to me......
I will always be your missing puzzle piece .....

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