Purple deeds (FNAF song)

by Bryce
(Leesumet, missouri, United States )

Hello there can anyone here me
because I'm trapped here all alone
slowly rotting away to my core
in this cursed golden suit
stuck with this internal regret of committing the crime

now forever springlocked here
the children now forever haunt me but
did they truly forget
their own crime

dear children
listen to my song
i know you hate me.
but how could you forget why i caused the slaughter

I have had enough
I've apologized
I regretted my dark crimes
now it's your turn
you selfish little brats

so lets the clock rewind to that day
shall we?
to 1983 we go.
to when my son sat there with all of you
but you then grab him and carry him to his golden doom
you toss him into Fredbears jaws that claimed his frontal lobe
yes it's because of you
now my son is stuck in a neverending nightmare.

now listen to me children
have you finally remembered your own dark deeds
see you where no better
so please release me so that we can finally be free from this hell

my dear son
I know you can't hear me
and I don't now if you will awake
but if you do
your old man won't be there
because of me seeking revenge

(Hello and I'd like to tell you that if you want to know how the song should sound or be played I haven't played it but the voice and music from one of my favorite bands fnaf song goes perfect with it look it up the band is "Groundbreaking" and the song is Springtraps Finale."now it's your turn you selfish little brats" I think of the voice from the nightmare before Christmas only on that line.)

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