President Polk

by President Polk

this is my story

President Polk

pay attention yall

on day im chillening up in the crib chillen with my f..... cousin,

homie john came past with the chopper started busting,

i ducked up under the seat grabbed my cousin, grabbed my chopper,

my cousin got hit so i had to rush him to the doctor,

doctor came out and said my cousin might die,

damn man tears start dripping down my eyes,

doctor came out and got shot up in his head,

about 10 minutes later my cousin came up dead,

john came to me and said my cousin owed him monney,

i said i wouldve paid you but my money kind of funny,

you better get out of here, cause you dont know what im about,

lil john kelp talking so i hit him in mouth,

he start to mug me, he tired to hit me back,

so i hit him in his back then i grabbed my strap,

before i grabbed my strap he hit me and my neck i pulled my gun out and then i bushed him nd his chest,

cops came i took off running,

payed them off my money was kinda funny,

then i took off cause i do what i do

pow pow pow pow to be contunied

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