President Paul kagame(ROLE MODEL)

by Mugabo John

President Paul Kagame(ROLE MODEL) Lyrics

His Excellency Paul kagame our president
Sir we celebrate you
A hero that the whole world is witnessing
Among many presidents you are a reference
Thank you for your sacrifice and dedication
Serving our mother land we see the progress
A manager that we celebrate its you president
Witnessed much transformation in our dear nation

This present day Rwanda amazes many
The land that was viewed as a place of horror
As I speak now Rwanda is a great model in the whole world His Excellency
A wide scale spraying campaign reduced malaria
A million nets to people they were disturbed
This dealt with that huge killer malaria
Thank you for that project his Excellency

Now Rwandan life expectancy has increased from 36years to 56years
President Paul kagame like our role model
I think the world needs more “ kagames”
You shrewdly transformed Rwanda in such a short time
The fast growing economy your achievement
Rwanda has raised from ashes to this great Nation
As you take the lead we follow your leadership
All this we ascribe to our role model President Paul kagame
We appreciate you

When you think you can, then you can

Dear Mr. President Paul kagame
We appreciate you
Our role model*2

You excellent*6
Our role model

Once there is a good cause nothing is impossible, you can achieve what you want.

A world exemplary leader president Paul kagame
Tony Blair called you a visionary leader
As a nation we believe you are God sent
You search better ways to stretch the billion dollars
To the development partners you are a shining example of what aid money can do in Africa

The greatest leader of our time bill Clinton said,
"Kagame has freed the minds of his people"
Rwanda is often praised in the whole world
That’s why we appreciate his Excellency for his great government and leadership

Zero tolerance to corruption Rwanda is going places
You have empowered women they now have a voice
Never again is the status no more genocide
Peace in our land and security

City lights in the nation no more darkness
Rwanda is growing daily like everyday
Impactful are the Rwanda days that you make
Thank you president our role model
We appreciate you

Dear Mr. President Paul kagame
We appreciate you
Our role model*2

You excellent*6
Our role model

Thank you for your kind attention

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