Pour some.... (sample)

by T
(Whitttier, CA, USA)

Verse 1
Pour some water in the plug/
For what? They need a spark/
And when you do it leave a mark/
Charge, shave lard off regards, this is my world/
Doodle on the layout/
Got no reason, but pleasing ain’t appeasing, I stay out/
Of circles, that’s just lame
A thousand friends online “shit”, if I saw you in person wouldn’t know your name/
No offense but if you’re not down to fuck/
Get out of the eyesight/
This is on-site, grab some insight/
Knock some heads, rock some beds/
Didn’t, should’ve listened to what they said/
Look I’m the man but hey, I’m just saying/
The construction is built for self-destruction, anyways/
It could be any day, think about it, don’t question it, do it baby/

Pour some water in the plug
They need a spark, give ‘em memories…
Reach the top and park, look past enemies…
Pour some water in the plug……
They need it! be sharp, give em a spark

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