by William Maddra


Everything my heart desire
He makes it possible
He leads me to the quiet waters
I use to think impossible, there’s just no way out no way
You proves me wrong, Lord U prove me wrong
Look at the chains in my God
No matter the situation you’re going thru brother and sisters
Just call upon on the name of the lord, his name a strong tower
Oh woooowww
The name of the Lord ohh woo
OH his possibility yeahh


God made possible (8x)

There's nothing (2*) in this world he cannot do
There's. Nothing, nothing he cannot fix
He's able to heal your life
No disease above his name
He's able to change your heart, with just one touch
Nothing is impossible,
What man cannot do, he’s able to do

Yeah yeah yeah yeah,
Wow.Wow wowwow

Say nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible

(Nothing is impossible to you)

God made it a possible

God you are the best, you lead my path
Whenever I needed, you provided
No matter the season, if I seek you first
Imitation Fall God you’re faithful
You showed your power
Nobody's able, to do what you’re able to do in our lives
Say nothing is impossible, (nothing is impossible)
Say nothing is impossible oh wow wow yeah yaa

Possibility yeah (2x)

God made it possible, God made it Possible (2x)

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