Pop-A-Lot ft French Montana - Stress Levels

by Pop-A-Lot

Yeah Pop Lets Go

Shawty trippin she dont know better
Them lame niggas sweat her
Me I Just let her
If she knew better
She would do better Then
These hoes actin up and these dudes lettin em
In the Macclerin
Smokin on medicine
And She tellin me everybody Im better then
Stressful Life yeah she stressin him
She give me hell but she heaven sent
And I'mma take her places she never been
Us too at the top ain't A feeling better then it
If I said I hate you I never meant that
Save the trippin for Trinidad you better then that
Ill put stamps on your passport and
Give you everything you ask for but thats all
So save the tripping for them wack broads
And Go buy everything in your size out that mall

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