Performing Artist Bios—Sarah Buxton

Editors Note: Lyric Street artist Sarah Buxton will be making her first appearance at the Expo in 2008. Welcome Sarah!

Sarah Buxton


Growing up in Lawrence, Kansas, it never occurred to me that the songs on the radio that I was obsessed with were actually WRITTEN by someone...a songwriter, a human being. Hell, it didn't even occur to me very often that the people singing them were actually people!! Whitney Houston seemed like some kind of angel who just flew to the top of a radio tower and busted out "I Will Always Love You", flawlessly, for the very first time and THAT WAS IT. When the tune made its way to my boombox, it was my song in the soundtrack to my life. I had no clue that Dolly Parton had sat down and wrote it all out. NO CLUE!...

I started a Southern rock jam band with my boyfriend...and we called ourselves Stoik Oak. We were all about having fun and acting like rock stars! For three years, we toured all around the southeast. It was during that time that I learned to sing ALL NIGHT in, literally, the worst of conditions. I've had bloody lips from drunk college boys falling into my microphone stand. I've had cuts in my feet from stepping barefoot in glass. I've sang for four hours over two drum sets with lousy monitors that I couldn't hear myself in. We did it night after night and loved every damn second of it...

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