by Nicholas
(San Jose)

People, show no gratitude for their big warm house,
Their plentiful supply of food,
Never happy with their material possessions,
All these greedy assholes need a lesson,
Appreciation of commodities and medical care,
The bigoted statements i hear make me wanna rip out my hair,
Ignorance is bliss,
Not really it seems like God filled some peoples head with piss, not a brain,
For them to be a part of the human race is quite a shame,
Seriously i feel like the judge at an idiot competition,
"contestant one, ur up",
"well One direction is the band of the generation and there are thirty- eight states in this nation"
Ooh good stuff,
Ur next number 2
" Well I speak American not English, and its easy too distinguish that the sun isn't a star because its a sun, i took an i.q test and it just said "none"

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