people are fools

by Vanessa L. McLaurin
(Rocky Mount, N.C.)

I hate when people acting a fool, don't they know its not cool
other people be saying they out of line, or just plain lost their mind (ugh)
civilize people laugh and grin, and say go put yourself in a looney bin

(ugh) Hey fools what are you talking about, you make us scream you make us shout
you are so dumb and so mean, you make us i dont know do something
you go off by the mouth with this cussing and be doing all this fussing
and be laying around being lazy, but you looking like you crazy
( yeah)

---------------------------------------chorus -------------------------------------------
I like people that act real cool , not one that act like a fool , don't be that way don't do that
it's not right to be that way, each and every day ,whats wrong with you, do you have a brain, because you look like your insane, I don't want to be around you in that way
acting like that I rather be around a mouse or a cat ( ugh)

Hey you stay away from me, I got education for myself, you need a vacation from
yourself, have you look in a mirror, and just say, do I really want to be that way, I
rather be around someone with some brains, then be around someone thats insane
( yeah).

So people out there who wants to be cool, and stop looking like a fool, that's why its
good to stay in school, and be a success, and stay away from those who look like a mess,
and getva job with a good pay, peace out yall and have a good day.

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