PawPz -Stats

by Lamoine Ward
(New Orleans La USA)

I just fuck your bitch
whats that facts

then dropped a hit
whats that stats

want me dead but
cant kill me off

with the sounds Ima
chemist fuck you
feel me oy!

The smoke
I dance
You dance
We dance
& dance
Let's dance
belle baile

I dance
We dance
& danced
in a field
of dandilions

lets prance
to prance
and prowl around
far out towards
the moon

shuffle hustle
waltz and cha cha
slide inside of
your cosmic womb

so dance more yout
dance dance more babe

flyest on my Bethune
flyest on the naval base

talk stacks
get static

I get nasty laddy
nasty like illmatic
nasty causing tradegics

chorus comes back in

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