Paul d'Amore--Composer/Songwriter ASCAP

I am an ASCAP composer/songwriter now living in Boulder, Colorado. I have written music all my life beginning with early childhood "musicals" and my first symphony in Junior High School while growing up in Rome, NY. I studied music history and composition, finished the course work for my PhD, left academia to become a dentist after playing oboe with the Buffalo Philharmonic and composing, performing in, and conducting mostly "new music" of varied ensembles from intimate chamber pieces to large operas. My musical compromise is accepting tonality. I bring my composer's ear and orchestration hat to my songs which is why my music generally falls outside of the cubbyholes that the industry likes to define songwriters by. I write what can best be described as vignettes of emotion. Although many of my songs are in a pop/rock idiom, much of my catalog follows my natural musical sensitivity of movie/TV soundtracks, "Disney-esque" songs, and musical theater.

I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO FIND A LYRICIST AND/OR BOOK WRITER! There are a few musicals lying my song catalog...

The elevator pitch:

Songwriting at its best! Emotionally powerful lyricism fusing pop/rock idioms in a personal harmonic journey through the Music of the Spheres creating an emotionally charged atmosphere for the listener, suspending time and space generating Vignettes of Emotion.

Paul's music falls between the spaces: Queen, McCartney, Paul Simon, a splash of Springsteen, the Police and the Eagles meet Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman and the musical ear of James Newton Howard; Independent, personal, and unique; Beautiful and powerful harmonically crafted melodies creating emotionally charged songs that are vignettes of the moment mapping the Music of the Spheres.

Paul d'Amore

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