Pat Payne's Bio and Achievements

by Pat Payne
(Richland, Oklahoma)

Pat Payne's Bio and Achievements

....Born in Ringling Oklahoma on December 8 1959. Son of Rose Marie and Bud Sallee Payne.
He started singing at fifteen months old and started playing guitar at six years old. Playing for class at Valinda Elementary in La Puente California at the age of eight. Pat has been blessed with music through his mother and father. Mom plays piano and dad plays guitar His sister Diane also sings and plays guitar Pat's whole family has been blessed with the gift of music.
....Pat went to first and second grade at Fletcher Drive Elementary in Los Angeles California. He was promoted from third to fourth grade at Valinda Elementary in La Puente California. He went to fourth grade at John Paul Jones in Tulsa fifth grade at Monroe in Norman and sixth grade at Barnes Elementary in Midwest City Oklahoma. He went to junior and senior high at Carl Albert in Midwest City Oklahoma and graduated in 1977 Pat received a prestigious award in baseball consisting of only one percent of all high school athletes in America, National High School All American in 1977, Pat also has one year at Rose State College in 1978.
....He played at VFWs and American Legions at fourteen. The first band was Fourteen Karat Country in Jones Oklahoma from 1976 to 1981 In 1982 he went on the road with Roger Ivie Band playing honky tonks throughout Texas. Also in 1982 played in the group The Silver Creek Boys that later settled in Branson.
....In 1983 Pat got a call from Bobby Yarbrough referred by Bob Woods of Del City Music to start a band. The KOMA Country Band was formed consisting of Bobby Yarbrough (later ran Atlantic Records Nashville) Jama Bowen (later an executive at CMT Nashville) Terry Scarberry (the most sought after session guitar player in America ) and Pat Payne. Anything happening in Oklahoma at that time KOMA Country Band was involved. Opening shows for Charlie McClain Joe Stampley Johnny Paycheck even a surprise guest appearance by Reba McEntire at Spurs in Oklahoma City
....Bobby Yarbrough and Jama Bowen moved to Nashville in 1984 and called Pat to move there to form a band for Jama Pat lived in Nashville for seven months and played all the places and met many folks Jimmy Yates was Pats buddy .Jimmy was the steel player for The Grand Ole Opry Pat met Jack Greene Ronnie Milsap and Gary Morris through Bobby Yarbrough of course. Bobby was the program director for WSM Radio at that time and he was meeting everybody and Pat was just lucky to be there. Then Pat was honored to meet Francis Preston at a fish fry but didn't know who she was until fifteen years later Francis is the founder of BMI.
....On October seventeenth 1987 Pat and Donna married and are still married going on twenty three years They raised son Rocky from three years old.
....In 1990 Pat worked with the Sugar Creek Band playing the honky tonks along the Oklahoma Arkansas line.
....In 1991 Pat had a single 45 record Gentle Most Of The Time on Stop Hunger Records in Nashville that was a smash hit in Cashbox Magazine.

....In 1993 Pat started performing closer to home in Oklahoma City at the Oklahoma Opry as a special guest During his short time here he was honored with these prestigious awards.
•1993 Traditional Country Artist
• 1995 Entertainer of the Year
• 1996 Entertainer of the Year
• 1996 Male Vocalist of the Year
• 1997 Entertainer of the Year
• 1998 Inducted into Oklahoma Opry Hall of Fame

....In 2001 Pat was invited to play with a band in Santa Barbara California at the worlds largest music festival and trail ride started by Walt Disney in the 1920s Here he met movie legend Peter Strauss and music legend Buck Page who founded the Riders of the Purple Sage in 1936 Pat played Bucks 80 th Birthday Party in Burbank and Buck gave Pat his prize mint condition 1946 Gretsch Rancher guitar. Buck and Pat were the best of friends. Buck told Pat “don't ever change a thing, you are a natural born natural and don't ever lose that”. Buck was a true genuine soul and we miss him dearly. Another highlight in Pats life was recording the album Evolved at Pedernales Recording Studio This is Willie Nelsons place where so many legends and masterpiece sessions were recorded and still are

Pats original albums
• 1987 Staying Together
•1998 Horses
•1990 Wish You Were There
•2000 Acoustic
•1995 Long Way Home
•2002 Gospel
•1997 Next Waltz
•2006 Life
• 2009 Evolved

....When you see a Pat Payne show you see the real deal His music will grab your attention and make you feel the emotion of it all, the music. His ability to rock a crowd with mesmerizing guitar playing or with his sensuous voice and even his set in stone standard hit's that he writes leaves no rock unturned.
....Pat has songs in two movies, Waiting to Live and Flat Tire Pat has recently completed his new video Back Roads The video will include behind the scenes interviews with producer Joey Travolta, writer Nick Felix and living legend actor, Lee Majors of the movie, “Waiting to Live”
....Pat has opened and shared the stage with some of the greatest artist's in the world To name a few, Charlie McClain, Joe Stampley, Mel McDaniels, The Texas Playboys, Henson Cargill, Merle Haggard, Kitty Wells, Ricky Skaggs, Jim Ed Brown, Helen Cornelius, Jimmy Webb, Joe Diffee,Vince Gill,Toby Keith, Wanda Jackson and the great Buck Page of The Riders of the Purple Stage.
....Pat has performed in numerous huge venues such as The Thank You Memorial Concert at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City in 2005, Cow Palace Bucking Ball in San Francisco in 2001, The National Cowboy Hall Of Fame in Oklahoma City numerous times, The Lloyd Noble Center in Norman, Oklahoma and The Rodeo Opry in Stockyards, Oklahoma City, to name a few.
....This biography merely scratches the surface of what all Pat has already done in his life time. In addition to his music, Pat loves growing his taters and onions and all that garden stuff. He love's fishing, hunting, building, fixing, all sports, and most of all, his family and more than that, he love's his God!
....To close, Pat Payne is a life loving, natural gifted talent, proud to be an Oklahoma native who just wants to share his music with the world.

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