Out Of My Mind

(Oh oh oh oh oh oh!) I, feel like I could die, don't wanna survive! When did the good times, leave us? And I, can't get you out my mind, I want you out my life! Tell me where did all those good times go? (Oh oh oh oh oh oh!)

And you, made me nothin' but tears, the burden of my fears, and thats not changing now!

You made me out of my mind I feel I could die and every day I sit and cry and I hope that you see, the fact you betrayed me! I feel dead and I feel weak, why do I bother trying to seek, the light?

I am broken, I am torn, from your words, they feel like thorns! Shattered like a window pain, I'm the glass and your the frame!

How the f**k do you stand tall, and feel good that I feel small? Im only human and I mourn, but that doesn't mean you can slam the door, on me!

Through the fire and the rain, you just laugh while I feel pain! Everyday is just a guess, you make my life a f**king mess, and when when I say I've had enough, all you do is push and shove!

Don't be surprised when I am gone, don't expect a note, cause the notes this song! You should've been expecting, and I don't mean gone as in traveling!

Yea that's right, I'm gonna die, it's all your fault, you killed this guy! (Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!)

By the time you've heard this song, I'll be dead and all gone! And if you feel guilt or shame, then just know that your to blame! (Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!)

Thats all to say, thats goodbye! It's the end don't even try, to stop me!

I, feel peaceful in mind, knowing I will die, and not deal with you anymore! I, feel so damn alive, now that I will die, everything is great, now that I'm gone! (Oh oh oh!)

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