Only Human instrumental (youtube) second verse

by Adam
(UK.England, South East)

so what do you do when your life falls apart,
sitting and your wishing if you could go back to the start,
maybe you would do things differently, choose a different path,
you are where you are now stop living in the past.
i need somebody to come save me.....
coz i think this whole fucking worlds gone made me crazy.
i need to get out of this depression,
but i keep doing stupid shit like i aint learnt my f***ing lesson.
no farther there to teach him,
no mother there to keep him,
so im supposed to blame myself for my mother f***ing drinking.
i got so many questions but ill never know the answers,
do i live a life of sin or happy ever afters.
but listen to your childhood it shapes who you are,
so when your feeling all alone just look up to the stars.
f*** the future,
f*** the past,
just listen to your heart,
if you go the right direction you while find out who you are.


I wrote this after splitting with my ex and had to leave her and my lil girl.
I think experience makes the best lyrics
let me know what you think please
constructive criticism welcome

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