Online Voting

by Dan

I love the idea of the contest. Thanks. I submitted my songs but also found quite a few other submissions that I love and wish I could download for my own continued enjoyment.

Hopefully the online voting in actuality will not weigh heavily. I don't think wizehive did a very good job with it.

For one thing, it required Internet Explorer 8 to even have a Vote button appear on the page. there are still a lot of people out there with older browsers.

But the worst issue was that my friends reported (and I personally witnessed with them) that the site was taking votes but not incrementing the vote count. It would accept the thumbs up vote in the sense that they couldn't vote again. But (yes, even after refreshing the page) the vote count would not change. I saw a lot of problems with the wizehive site. So my suggestion is just to find a better provider for the online voting or make sure not to weigh the online voting too heavily.

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