One Boy

by Carly Moreno

One boy.

All the time every type of dude pass me by
All the time they shit ask me 'why
You there standin alone, you should flip that skirt and get in the ride'
Yet I'm like 'no need of your whiny little cock riding up my pussy'
Cause ya I'ma better be alone at my place
But when I saw you standing in my way
You One Boy made my heart go 'ohhhh'
Just the first eye contact was like 'ohhhhh'
How could I stop my self huh
How could I not fell for that trap

Small talk every time I see you
trying to indirectly ask you questions like
'Are you lonely out there boy cause I can treat you so good'
Trying to find something in common
In both of our eyes
Might it be not special for you
But it was for me
It was that much special for me baby
And damn what I'd do to get you in bed
But shit hold on our conversation got to an end
Never got another chance to see him again

6 months later
Stalking you on social media
Found yo' Instagram
snapchat, tumblr
Trying to win you that way
Adding you on every single thing
But boy, you so popular you didn't care to even check who's that chick

Likes the girls with them sharpie eyebrows, double ds and a big nice ass
I feel so down, why I ain't like that, stuck with the a cups, no major curves, bout a normal ass
Nah you won't fell for that, so I thought I could give it up
Thought it was better to move on but everytime I'd want somethin
I'd still wish for you
How could I get over you

Went to an old friend
That became my therapist
And my makeup artist
Thought I could leave everything behind and focus on looking bomb
Did squats, sit-ups, treadmill for that nice bod
Bitch gave me quality advices at first
Fell for her shit
And all she wanted was to use me
Left her one day at my home for a while
Came back and found out I was mobbed and robbed
Never trust a scumbag
That shit felt so bad
But I still moved on just to get that one boy

Made a fake account with bomb hot girl pic and a fake name
Added him on Instagram, started conversation like I knew him since ages
Tried my best to turn the small talk in to an conversation
Even if I sound like a needy bitch
Couldn't stand my self as another girl
thought I could fake the name but shouldn't fake myself
So I bought up some makeup and started dressing hot
He didn't seem to notice so it was just fine
Giving me compliments like 'damn girl you look so nice'
Didn't had bigger boobs at that time got only a teeny tiny bit of curves and booty

Boy, what I'd do to get you in bed
Boy, what I'd do to get you in bed

Started flirtin within 3 days
Holy shit how could you believe that
But all I thought was I was never pretty enough for him
Use to think about him all the time at night and day
Started sexting him from my ipad
Cause I broke my phone
Hooked up twice and he told me 'baby you so perfect'
Told me I love yous

Now I'm here checking his snapchat
Him showing his phone sending a message to a hoe
Madam Amy, who's that chick, I felt so shattered
Nigga saying that he wanna meet her tonight to fuck her hard ass pussy
Thought I could ignore it
Every single time I ever texted you
I was the first one to say 'hello' or 'goodbye'
You would just rather leave, even if we was sexting

Hanging out with them all niggas like
you don't care if I existed
never gettin a quick reply
So I started thinking I was only his side chick
But guess what
I fell that much for him I was ready to be his side chick

I was so jealous but only needed him or what that made him happy
It wasn't about me
It was only about him
Baby I try so hard to own you
But you the one who goes for other hoes
Maybe the hoes that are better than me
You always texting them hoes first than me
I could be not your second but third best

I just want him to notice and I want you to care
I want you to look how much love I got for you
But you are just as blind as me
thought i could be daddy's little princess
But never got treated like one
So here's my song goes to that One boy
One fuckboy who can't see the shit I do for him
Yeah, you know who you are
I swear if i treated you like this if you fell for me,
You wouldn't even last a second.

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