On my Way to Fame

by Eduardo Farias

Thug Life

Thug Life

Ughh, Ya i got off my plain, got in my car got to switch to fast lane so i could never call bitches on my phone saying they love my hair and guess what my money like my hair now its getting long , haters going to hate thinking its affecting me but it really aint guess some other thing now you bitch want ride with me cuz she want to get fucked by and that what i do fuck random bitches getting money an fucking win , you might say im to coacky to be a biggner but nigguh i started when i was 9 and i had a cousin who should me how to smoke no blunts just blows inhale thu my mouth an exhale thru my nose soo if you see smoking nigguh dont blow my high cuz tonight ill be touching the sky

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