Ollie twist couple of G's

Yo mr og spike your a cunt
I got a glock in my bag n I use it when I run
Oliver your a g can I have some more please, give me more. Let me know and I'll give you all my p's

Dodger run, run run dodger dodger run, pull up in the whip n we'll go have some fun
Grab some bitches in the trunk and we'll use em all night long. I don't care where they're from them immigrants fuck em all, they take all our jobs and want us to all lick their balls

Nancy Nancy your a g, come here take my babies, all I need is 4 pumps yo shout out hayden Kahl and Kings L yeah your my motherfucking g shay C on md your a g. Nancy your fuck and chuck harry M style

Fagin, faking all of these people are pregnant... I got a rari I'm making p's yeah showing and stuntin, fagins a mug, taking them kids to his hut. 999 homosexual style, he's a fag yeah puts it in his ass, licking and sucking yo it's what I do to my bitches L dog yeah, closing of these bars

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