Oh Sad Story Sylvia

by Jenna Bognar
(United States)

Such a happy girl
She turned the world around
She’d smile for anyone
Didn’t judge another, oh not once
Fell in love one day
Could have stayed with him for days
Came back to torture
When problems overtook her

She never did what they said she did
She cried and screamed
No one ever heard a thing
Too afraid to report it and to afraid to walk away
So young when they hurt her
Oh Sylvia your free today

Didn’t really care for school
Dropped out at sixteen too
Stuck with the evil ones
They always kicked and punched
She didn’t deserve her pain
But she never could complain
Even when they burned her name
Even when they beat her down

Tortured her over and over
There were too many of them
Tattoo wasn’t supposed too
Jealous people it’s all the same
Poor girl fell apart
Never got to heal her heart

She should have been saved
But not one of you could change for her
She was so much better than them
She didn’t do anything
She deserved to be here now
Oh Sylvia you’re free right now

No one ever should have told on her
When she never did the wrong
Beaten, burned, raped, broken, tortured
What they did is unforgivable and the list is too long

So happy she can finally rest in peace
Getting away from the torture beyond her sleep
All the things they did to her for nothing
Would make anyone upset
And how no one tried to help her
Is bullshit left unsaid
Living on no food
Knowing it was over

She didn’t deserve to die
She deserved to live her life
She will always be in memory
She will always be in our hearts
Oh Sylvia
Oh sweet Sylvia
Rest in peace
In heaven so sweet

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